Social Event Planning

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Social Event Planning

From birthdays, proms, bar/bat mitzvahs, babyshowers, anniversaries, etc. – your guest will celebrate in style and elegance



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Social Event Planning

When you’re planning a private party or social event – a birthday celebration, an anniversary soiree, a bar or bat mitzvah and more – you want to infuse the essence of the guest of honor into every detail. Gleaming Events Atlanta’s planning and design teams are experts at asking the right questions and using our professional designers to create the perfect event.

At Gleaming Events Atlanta, we know that the secret ingredient to a memorable, exciting party lies in the details. With our table, floral and and room design experts, a repository of furniture, fabric, props, and a team of designers, your party will be truly one-of-a-kind.

Social Event Team

Our Social Event team is experienced in event design, logistics, coordination and production. With our full-service capabilities, Gleaming Events Atlanta produces parties at all levels of formality and can engineer the right scene to accommodate any and all themes. We also offer an expansive range of support in vendor negotiation and management, timing and logistics, and coordination.

For more information on planning your social event, contact Gleaming Events Atlanta today!

Gleaming Events Atlanta

Gleaming Events Atlanta is a completely transformable venue to host your special event, soiree or celebration. Whether you are planning a fun-filled themed affair or a classic black-tie banquet, we have a solution for you. Our uniquely customizable event space that will set the scene.

Gleaming Events Atlanta’s team of accomplished designers will create a room full of fabric, floral, and furniture details to make your special event or themed party pop. We promise that your social event will be absolutely unforgettable!

Our team of accomplished designers will help you identify details and nuances that will reflect your unique style and personality. We promise that your social event will be truly memorable and absolutely one-of-a-kind.

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