What to look for when choosing a venue?

When choosing a venue for social events, weddings or corporate events, there are several criteria that is important to consider

  1. Location, location, location – the location should be one that is comfortable for yourself and your guests. AN ideal location will be in close proximity to restaurants, shopping and hotels
  2. Convenience- Convenience means easy to get to, close to major highways
  3. Parking- It is not ideal for your guests to walk 10 minutes from their parking location to get to the venue. Make sure there is ample parking and don’t forget those that may be physically challenged. Handicap parking is extremely important
  4. Temperature control – the room temperature will more than likely need to be adjusted depending on the number of occupants. The venue should have the option to adjust the temperature as needed to ensure the comfort of your guests
  5. On site assistant – A venue should provide assistant on site at all times during your event.
  6. Cost – Set a budget and look for venues within your budget
  7. Hidden costs – Inquire of any hidden cost prior to signing a contract. Hidden cost can include cleaning fees, damage fees, security deposits, required rentals, bartender fee, outside catering fee, security officer fees, etc.
  8. Ambiance – Consider if the ambiance matches your theme. Of course, you can use your décor to create the theme.
  9. What is included in a standard rental? – The cost of renting tables, chairs and linens can add a significant amount to your cost. Confirm the items that are included and get it in writing.
  10. Is clean up included? A venue that provides cleaning will save you a lot of stress at the end of your event.
  11. Are there speakers and visual equipment available? This is important for corporate events or any event where you will want to  provide information to a large amount of people at one time.
  12. Is there a stage? Dancefloor or area? Based on your event, you will want to ensure there is space for a staging area and dancing. Many venues capacity count doesn’t take into consideration dancing space. You need to ask these question so that there are no surprises.
  13. What is the capacity? Each venue has a maximum number of occupants it can accommodate at one time. Please keep this in mind when gathering your list of invitees and allow room for extras.